Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Week Four: Writing

Writing is the one thing that makes me remember the things that I wrote a long time ago, like when I look at my touch story, I get an inspiration and it takes me back in time to that moment. Its amazing.  My touch story is all about  integrity and pushing yourself to the next level. writing may be boring to some people but is actually amazing and it will get you places .

Every Friday we have to go to touch with my dad and my sister Ruby. We have to go  there early because she has a game before me. First she has to get her uniform and gets on to the field. Sometimes Ruby subbed off for another girl  named  Summer. All the boy get the tries but  then Ruby got  the ball and shot off for a touchdown. She got the touch down. My dad was screaming in my ear it was a good day for her  but now it was my turn to play.I was as nervous and off I went  to the field. There was my team on the field waiting  there for me. It was time to go and beat them in this game  because this was the last game together. Ashley and Tea  you're off for first two minutes. So the the rest you, on you go  . 20 minutes later. Ok one more try we can do this. They have to get two more tries. Theres 10 minutes left. We have to do this. Go go go! rrrrrrrrrring.  We tapped the ball.  He tried to  pass it  over me to the sideline but I caught it instead, and ran for the touch and I scored the try. Someone was an inch away from touching me. Screaming yay!! yay!! yay!! We won game. We’re going  to nationals. Now it time to go home so we went to the car. I hopped in the car. Ruby was wide awake but I was sound asleep .