Thursday, May 28, 2015

Open up I took a big bite. I chewed lots and lots of times.  Bloop. I vomit it all up. My mum says "Oh no, she can not swallow her food we must take her to the  hospital. " So they took me to every hospital but they couldn’t help me  but one of the doctors told us to go to Wellington. "They will know what is up with her." So we went to Wellington in a mini plane.  We arrived in Wellington. I got to the doctors, who said "She's got a blockage so we will have to undo the  blockage. We will have to split her stomach open." … There was blood everywhere and all my mum and dad could hear was me screaming and finally It was over. I could finally eat but the bad news is that I had a big scar.  

We had to learn how to do a moment in time in the past not the presnt

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