Tuesday, August 11, 2015


I'm blogging this because I think it is quality work
We are learning about New Zealand musicams
my writing goal : is to write simple and compound sentences

Who she is?
Lorde is a music sensation with a luxuriously deep voice. Her song Royals hit number one on the US billboard. In 2015 Lorde set up a special treat for the kids that don’t have any food for school, so Lorde is donating food for them. Buy one, get one free! Lorde has a style that reflects her hollywood icon. Lorde is a girl that likes to do her own thing she doesn't want to sing other people's song and she is free to be herself.

                                                               Early life  
Before Lorde became famous she loved reading fiction books. She would read them every day. She also loved doing drama. She said she is the worst dancer ever and would rather be a singer. She went to Takapuna School in New Zealand. Lorde was more of a tomboy than a girly girl so she hung out with all the boys  

                                                              Rise to fame
In intermediate, Lorde and her best friend Louise McDonald they entered  a talent show and won. Lorde is very humble she helps every one in need. When Lorde released her first song it came with a drawing of her and a snake. The reason is because she didn’t want everyone to worry about her looks and her facials. She also released  her first song free. The company thought it was silly and  she was not going to be a success but they were wrong!

                                        International fame (awards ,achievements)
In 2014 Lorde was a seventeen year old world sensation and the best thing about it is she still is! Lorde has won two grammy awards; one for song of the year and another one for best pop solo performance. Lorde has achieved what no other New Zealander has. Her song Royals was the one that was named best song of the year.

Lorde has a long way to go as she is still in highschool. Lorde hopes to keep on performing and one day dreams of collaborate with other artists such as James Blake, Bural, Major, Flume and Lazer.

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