Monday, September 7, 2015

Art Exhibition Piece

We are learning to not rush the art and take your time with it. If you rush your art is not going to be the best your ever done.
I am blogging this because I want my parent’s to see my artwork.

Process of Art
First draw the owl.
After that draw the branch.
After that start painting the owl.
Then paint the branch.
Then do the feet.
After that do the back ground.
Last you have to do the swirls.

I found going around the feet hard because I am going over the feet.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

we are learning about a famous artist

I am blogging this because I am proud of it

Flag Designer: Dick Frizzell


I've been struggling with this off and on for years...gobbling up huge hours in the studio...and it always comes back to that fern ... and/or that Southern Cross. I'm not particularly bothered that the cross is not unique to us, it can always be re-interpreted ... and it's so FLAGGISH ... some traditions are hard to beat and 'stars on flags' is one of them. But it's the fern that does set us apart.

I'm working on a design - which I'm pretty hot on - that incorporates both the Cross and the Fern. I'm finding a powerful echo here of the existing flag, with the branching fern fronds similar in their fanning effect to the radiating bars of Union Jack ... and dominating the upper left of the flag. And the Cross is more or less in the same position ... but against black ... which makes sense given that they're seen at night.

The corner to corner arrangement is also an existing flag design tradition. The fern and the star look pretty good ALL in black, but I'm keen to introduce that Pohutakawa green ... to strike a note for our green image. There's a pictorial thing going on here too ... which can be a bit scary in a flag ... but is a nice narrative here ... we are looking at the night sky from underneath a silver fern ... a nice bit of South Pacific romanticism ... like an old Rudall Hayward movie.

Don't think I've quite nailed the actual 'fern-ish-ness' of the fern yet but I'm pretty happy with it.
But all the talking-up and clever rationales aren't going to matter in the end ... if it doesn't just reach out and say THIS IS THE NEW NEW ZEALAND FLAG then it doesn’t work.

Dick Frizzell
June, 2004

Questions (WALT locate and summarise information):

What are the main features of the flag and what do they represent?  southern cross  is on the black because the cross is found in the night sky and the fern because of the fanning effect

What do you think of his design?  it is very detailed

What two main features would you want to include in a NZ flag design? Explain why. Fern & kiwi because they are both rare and they are only are found in New Zealand.