Thursday, February 11, 2016

First blog post 2016

Welcome back to my blog 2016 my name is Bella-Marie and I am in rimu hub .
I am a year 5 student I have been in rimu hub for two years.
I've been learning about writing and reading and how to do blogging and commenting.
My hobby is to do arts and crafts at school and at home my least favorite tool to use in art is the pastel because it smudges everywhere and destroys your art.
I have a dog named patch she is a white dog with brown spots. In our class room we have pet fish.
My favorite sport is netball because it is a very fun.  
I have a mum a dad 2 brothers and 8 sisters two of my sisters live with me and one brother.
Keep an eye out for some of my blog post 2016.