Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Hello every body. Today I am going to blog a workshop prove it! When we go to a workshop on a topic we don't know, we complete a prove-it to show what we have learned.
I am blogging this because it is my favorite workshop prove it.
We learnt to put a sentence in order.
Workshop Prove It

I learnt to put a sentence in order

Here is an example:

Playing in the rain, we got wet.

Math task

Hello everyone. Today I am blogging my math task from week two term two.
I am blogging this because I was very proud of it .
I learnt to do a scale.

This is my math task from week 2 term 2. In this math task we had to answer all the questions about the first monster. Then we had to create our own monster and give it some questions for our buddy to answer and that was my math task for the week.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

argument writing .

Hello it's me, today I will be blogging my writing task. For my writing task I did argument.

I am proud of my writing because I took lot's of feedback to make it green.
We learnt to stay to our side of the argument.

Purpose: to PERSUADE
I am learning how to improve my sentence formation
Success Criteria:
  • Start most of my sentences with different words
  • Include simple and compound sentences*
  • Include some complex sentences**
  • State your point of view, then include three big reasons to support it.
  • Include emotional and persuasive language

Our examples:

My topic is: Why to adopt a pet

Do you love pets? Well if you love pets why don’t you adopt a pet from the pound or the SPCA?

First of all is the great thing about it is that if you don’t want to pay a lot of money on your pet well than get a pet from the SPCA or the pound because they don’t cost that much and sometimes you can get them for Free. Every time you adopt a pet you are  saving it’s life because it could of got put down.

The most common pet that a person could have is a dog or a cat and these are the reasons for it .1 (cats) the reason people get cats is because they are cute and cuddly and if you live by yourself it is a great companion. 2.( Dogs) lots of people love dog because they are very playful and very energetic and families love them. Dogs are also very helpful because the can guard your house for any intruders.That is why they become part of your family.

My third reason is once you adopt a pet it comes a part of your family very quickly and that means whatever pet you get hamsters,birds,dogs,bunny,cats or goldfish . They are all very friendly especially if you are friendly to your pet. Pets are the nicest creatures you will ever meet the are so sweet and cute that you can’t resist.  

So those are my reasons why you should adopt a pet please trust me and adopt a pet it will make your life just a little bit sweeter.