Saturday, June 18, 2016

Hello everyone its me and today I am blogging my Matariki reflection
In my art workshop we Learnt to draw smooth straight lines .

In my art workshop I was proud the art because it looks very nice and I think every body did a great job.

My Matariki Reflection

Share what your favourite part of the day was and explain why (because).
My favourite part of the day was lunch time because the food was delicious and I think the kids put a lot of hard work into the food

Share a time you used a learning muscle. Describe how you used it.
I used the learning muscle Perseverance when at the end of the of the day when we had to finish in time. I didn’t give up and I kept on going and we got it finished on time.

Describe your biggest challenge of the day.
My biggest challenge of the day was Staying in the lines of everything .

Finish this sentence:

The best thing about Matariki is The art because it is very detailed and so much fun

Write a sentence for each letter (PRIDE) about how you showed PRIDE on our Matariki Day.
Personal Best: When I was doing the korus  going very carefully on the edges.
Respect and Responsibility: When I listened to Adele tell us what to do and I wasn’t talking.
Integrity:when trying hard to use smooth start lines.
Determination: I was determined to do the art.
Enjoyment: In doing the background was very fun because I love art.
A photo of me on Matariki day during the Murle art Workshop:


Monday, June 13, 2016

Hello everybody its me and today I am blogging my reading.
We learnt to use vocabulary.
I am proud of this because it took a long time and I did it by myself.

Panama's Plastic Bottle Village
WALT ask effective questions
Here is the article on Dogo News.

  1. Read the article together. Try and ask questions as you read to help you understand.
  2. Watch the video after you have read it. Discuss any questions you have.
  3. Play the vocabulary game. Take a screenshot when you have completed the word find. Insert it here.
  4. Choose three words from the vocabulary game. Find their meanings and write them below
 1.Consumption it means your global footprint.
2.Endeavors it mean to attempt/try
3.Insulators it means a material of such low conductivity that the flow of current through it is negligible.

  1. Ask five effective questions (using what / why / how / where / when / who?) which help you and others to understand the article.

  • Who thought of the plastic bottle village?  
  • Why did they want to make the plastic bottle village ?
  • When did they first think of the bottle village ?
  • Where are they building the village?
  • How do they get so many bottles?