Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Hi everyone today I am going to blog about my holidays, hope you enjoy!

On my holiday my friend that lives in Australia came to visit me and my family. Her name is Danny-ell. After she settled down a little bit she decided to take us out for ice cream we went to the strawberry patch everyone got a mix berry ice cream except for my sister Summer she got a mixed berry yogurt. My brother Jack ate it in two big chomps. Then when My older sister Hannah came he started whining and claiming he didn't get one. My sister didn't believe it so she didn't get him one. A bit after that we all had a big family photo. Once we had done that I sat down on one of the horses, my sister was pushing me and then I fell off. 

Well that is the end of my holiday blog everything else was a bit boring well I hoped you enjoyed my blog post Bye.


  1. Nice work Bella, sounds like you had fun, Nice writing!

  2. Sounds like you had fun. My mouth is watering for mixed berry ice cream now!

  3. Fun holiday Bella, Wish a I got to be there!