Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Color poem

Hi every one I am back and today I am going to blog my color poem.

I am proud of this because I want my parents to see the awesome task.

I am blogging this because It was a really awesome task that was very fun.

Pink is the color of….
* fluffy unicorn's were dancing on rainbows magically.
*A lady with pastel pink hair went to the hairdressers excitedly.
*Some people boarded a huge pink cruise ship  nervously.
*A little girl was opening her new pink pencil case excitedly.
*A lady was sewing a beautiful wedding dress nervously.

*The strawberry ice cream melted in the sun quickly.


  1. Nice work Bella, I love your writing and all the cool words you have used in it, I especially love the one about the strawberry Ice-cream, it makes me feel really hungry. Keep up the awesome blog post's.

  2. Great colour poem Bella! I love the one that says 'The strawberry ice cream melted in the sun quickly'. Keep up the great work :)