Friday, November 11, 2016


Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog Today I am going to be blogging about my P.E group so lets get into this blog.

I am in the Pacific group for P.E The pacific group is the most athletic group and in that group we challenge ourselves to be the best athletes people we could be. The last time we were doing P.E we were doing sports the fist sport that pacific did was volley ball and we did about 5 lessons. The second sport we did was rugby and we also did that for about 5 lessons and then the last sport we did was soccer.

Well that is it for my blog I hope you enjoyed bye.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Hello everyone its me again and today I am going to be blogging about my art as you can see down the bottom so lets start

We all get to choose an art at the beginning of the week at the beginning of this week we could choose out of painting, digital art or sketching I choose painting and in painting we had to draw a giraffe it was very hard but we did it in many steps and then once we finished the art we had to choose witch color paints we wanted. You could either pick realistic which means it looks like a normal giraffe or you could choose fun which means you could choose fun colors.

well that's it for today I  hope you enjoyed bye


Hello everyone its me again and today I am doing a literacy blog and I will be talking about all the things I do when I am in a literacy group hope you enjoy

In Literacy time at the beginning of every 2 weeks we get to choose a writing last week I chose retell My story will be down the bottom if you want to read it. Anyway for my writing I either had to choose a movie or a book to retell. You had to know the movie/book off by heart and know how to retell it. I choose the movie Miss peregrines home for peculiar children. It is all about this boy called Jake who lived with his granddad. one night the granddad gets killed by a mysterious creature. Well that is all I am going to do for today
Good bye

Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children- Bella-Marie Taylor

Jake walked through the forest and found an old run down building. Jake decided to creep in.

As he went in and found a photo it was one of a family a Huge one he put it back down, and decided to look around more he went into a room and then he remembered “ wait this is the place that grandpa was talking about before we died it was the children's home a place for peculiar children” now that he new where he was we wanted to explore even more he decided to go upstairs. When he got up.

Jake walked into a room at the end of the room the was a girl that said “ abe?” Jake was so confused he started to run then he saw two more faces then he started to sprint he went down the stairs thru the kitchen he saw the greenhouse the way out but just before he got out he tripped onto a slab of concrete. When he woke up he was being cared by a little girl she dropped him “ OWWW wait a second your Emma and the twins  Olive and Bronwyn and your Miller how are you here you all died in 1943 a bomb dropped on you what a second am I dead.”

No well anyway we have to go into the loop were just waiting till the coast is clear you never know who could be watching.” They all walk into a mysterious cave and came out in the same place but in a different time…….

Maths blog

Math Blog

Welcome back everyone today I am going to be doing a maths blog. This blog is about the maths  that I do all the time in my math group which is called extension math here is an example of what I do in my group.

We had to role the dice 10 times and then we took all the numbers and put them into fractions, decimals and percentages. It was a very hard task to do but that was not the end of it, after that we had to role a dice 24 times and then I had to put it into fractions,decimals and percentages. And that was my maths task for last week.