Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Hello everyone its me again and today I am going to be blogging about my art as you can see down the bottom so lets start

We all get to choose an art at the beginning of the week at the beginning of this week we could choose out of painting, digital art or sketching I choose painting and in painting we had to draw a giraffe it was very hard but we did it in many steps and then once we finished the art we had to choose witch color paints we wanted. You could either pick realistic which means it looks like a normal giraffe or you could choose fun which means you could choose fun colors.

well that's it for today I  hope you enjoyed bye


  1. wow Bella that is an amazing giraffe art,what I really like about you art is that how you really made it look like a giraffe

  2. Bella Bella Bella its cool and it lovely

  3. hi Bella i love your woke so so much it is so cool your woke is like tylah de happy love riah

  4. wow bella it is amazing and i love it so much