Friday, November 11, 2016


Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog Today I am going to be blogging about my P.E group so lets get into this blog.

I am in the Pacific group for P.E The pacific group is the most athletic group and in that group we challenge ourselves to be the best athletes people we could be. The last time we were doing P.E we were doing sports the fist sport that pacific did was volley ball and we did about 5 lessons. The second sport we did was rugby and we also did that for about 5 lessons and then the last sport we did was soccer.

Well that is it for my blog I hope you enjoyed bye.


  1. wow that is very awesome Bella

  2. Wow that is really awesome that you love P.E so much it is really cool awesome work Bella Marie.

  3. Wow Bella! I like how you told us what group your in and told us the subject's you were doing. I also like how you told us that the pacific group was the most athletic and that you had to challenge yourself's.Keep it up! :)